Rip b4 1.0

Powerful CD audio extraction tool


  • Highly accurate ripping of CDs
  • Lots of additional functions
  • Ability to customize toolbar


  • Limited to 4 encoding formats
  • Doesn't always retrieve album art

Very good

Extracting audios from CDs is essential if you need to encode them into another format such as FLAC or Apple's Lossless format.

Rip makes it both quick and easy to do this, and much more. It's actually a very advanced tool with such features as offset correction and accuraterip db support that mean you get more accurate and sophisticated ripping functions that in your average CD ripper. When you insert a CD, Rip automatically queries an online database to detect which album you've inserted. It may ask you to confirm the name of the album if there is more than one. It's also supposed to retrieve the album art although in my case this did not work.

From here, you've got many tweaks and options before you choose to copy your disk. You can detect any pre-gaps in your songs, copy a disc image or simply copy the tracks to your hard drive. You can choose from a handful of encoding formats namely Apple Lossless, FLAC, WAVE and WavPack. Encoding for an average album can take a few minutes. As a bonus, in the preferences, you can add new functions to the Rip interface such as a Metadata function and Eject button.

Rip looks like a really great CD encoding and extraction tool that will offer you a really high extraction quality and level of customization.



Rip b4 1.0

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